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Assalum Aleikum!

In case you were too (productively) busy during Ramadan to watch islamic programs during this month and I guess that’s the way we should be, here is a cool website driven by a very active brother since a few years already. strives to gather all the episodes of Ramadan programs and offers them in streaming.

Over the years it accumulated over 3787 episodes of islamic video content, courses and tv programs all available for you in streaming for over 602Gb of video goodness classified and easily searchable.

Islamic tv programs on iqraa, al naas, al resalah and other islamic channels gets very rich and diverse during Ramadan but we usually don’t have much time during these blessed days. allows you to look back to Ramadan tv programs from previous years as it indexes most of last 6 years of islamic tv programs. Which makes it a tremendously valuable source of islam video content.

Now the catch is that you must read/understand arabic as it only offers islamic programs broadcasted by the aforementioned arabic speaking tv channels (iqraa, al resalah, al naas…) and doesn’t check on the English ones like huda tv, peace tv, islam channel etc..But as far as I know, this is almost a one man’s website and the result is great so if you are interested why not join forces and help our brother Bagdouri for indexing maybe clean and valuable english, malaysians, french… islamic content?

Just a suggestion, but for now, just enjoy

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